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Film production.

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Film Production

As film makers we pride ourselves on our ability to tell stories. Whether that be working with your business to convey your value proposition or your USPs, or on the side of a mountain capturing the crucial moment when the World TrialGP championship is won.

We have the experience and expertise to craft exquisite pieces of film to help your business to promote who you are; what you do; a new product or service, or why talent should join you. Whatever your communication needs, we have the answers.

Film is now one of the most vital tools in your marketing toolkit. It builds a high level of engagement- and through this, trust- between your business and potential clients or customers. Trust is the foundation of conversions and sales. Film is a chance to show your personality and to explain your values or your products simply and succinctly.

People buy from people. How better to display the personality of your business?

Google loves film as much as we do (no surprise really, as Google now owns You Tube). That’s why Google has recognised that video is a better way for people to interact with your site and rewards you by boosting you up the search rankings.

Giggabox video service

Whatever your video needs, we have the experience to deliver. Here are just a few of the services we can offer:


Quality is key, and we make sure we keep our equipment up-to-date so that we can produce cinematic, beautiful pieces to show off your business. We have a relaxed and collaborative approach to our filming. The mark of a great film maker is to go unnoticed: to capture the noticeable, key moments. And to tell an engaging story.

In a recent survey of LinkedIn members:

  • 93% agreed that video allows brands to embrace creative storytelling opportunities;
  • 77% said video was effective in generating leads and those who used it were getting more leads;
  • 78% said video was helping them secure leads of higher quality.


Our experienced team of editors are used to working to tight deadlines whilst maintaining meticulous detail. Working from our custom-built digital work-stations, we turn mutually agreed, pre-production plans into reality- and add a bit of stardust. We bring your film- your message- your business to life and always aim to 'wow' your clients. It's challenging to cram a bit of Hollywood into 120 seconds, but we always try our best to do so!

Live Streaming

From rigging multi-camera live streams from a mountainside (streaming extreme sports to the world) to simpler, live streaming from CEO’s to staff: we cover it all. We pride ourselves on our ability to set up quickly and provide you with a high quality, faultless live stream. Live streaming is quickly becoming a major communications tool as more companies realise its potential. Want to keep ahead of the game and revolutionise your internal communications? Have a large-scale event that needs to be shown nationally or even internationally? We’re acknowledged experts so let us show you how live streaming can help you achieve your corporate goals.

Animated and Motion Graphics

Another tool in our corporate communications bag of tricks is the exciting world of animation and motion graphics. You can make tough information easy to digest in a fun and entertaining way. With animation you have more freedom to show processes that are too complicated to film; simplifying your content into a short, engaging film. From animated training or tutorial films to logo animation, we can provide creative solutions that deliver the right results.

Studio filming and photography

If you are launching a new product or service, and you want to impress, we have a full studio dedicated to your cause. At Giggabox HQ we have the time to film and photograph with incredible detail. Mastering product shots for your website. Film heightens levels of understanding and engagement.