Event production.

Event production.

Event production

Giggabox is a leading full-service Event Production, AV & Event Technical Services Partner to Blue Chip companies, SMEís and Event Agencies.

We produce memorable, amazing events that ensure your attendees or delegates receive the right message, in the right space and at the right time. In short, we make your Event work for your business needs.

We'd love to help you have seamless, flawless events, delivered on-budget and stress-free. Itís what we do!

And hereís an insight into how we do itÖ

Giggabox technical production services

Whatever your video needs, we have the experience to deliver. Here are just a few of the services we can offer:

Event strategy

The first thing we do is listen. Listen to you, your business and what you want to achieve from your event Ė however large or small. Itís only through truly understanding your business, that weíre then able to develop and suggest strategies that will ensure your event is amazing, memorable and a roaring success.

Event creative

We start with understanding how it is you want your audience to feel both during and after the event. What is that you most want them to remember? What do you want them to do as a result of being at your event? This drives the creative process and helps us work with you to develop a theme that links back to your overall objectives. After all, why run an event if it doesnít have purpose and meaning.

Live event production

There are no second chances. By their very definition, events are live and the success of your event will be determined by the quality and experience of Event professionals. Weíve been doing Live Events and Television for over 20 years, we know the challenges and we know how to respond when things go wrong. Itís all about ensuring your event is technically robust too Ė so itís a stress-free event for you. Itís why we only use our highly experienced team and the latest equipment.

Video and graphics production

When we create videos and motion graphics packages as part of our Event delivery, we look for the story. Be it the brand or company story or, the event story. And when we do, we use the latest technology and equipment to deliver impact and sizzle! It all adds to your delegates immersive event experience.


  • Annual & quarterly meetings
  • General sessions
  • Training events
  • Regional conferences

Sales & Marketing Events

  • National road shows
  • Trade shows
  • Promotional events
  • Product launches

Webcast Productions

  • Hybrid events
  • Streaming conferences
  • Multi-location trainings

So now you know what we do.

Why not email or call and let's chat through how we can best help exceed your most challenging of Event objectives.


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