How to engage with the media

Instinctif PR eventDespite feeling the stupidest person in the room: with only one degree, and just two letters after my name, I recently enjoyed the ‘How to engage with the Media’ event organised by One Nucleus and hosted by Instinctif. I picked up some good tips worth sharing. Whether you are in the Life Sciences industry, or not, PR continues to be a powerful weapon in your marketing armoury. So here are the top tips, courtesy of Clive Cookson of the FT; Sabah Meddings of the Sunday Times; Amber Tong of Endpoint and Lucie Ellis of InVivo (both these are trade publications):

1. ....Carefully! - you’re 'on the record' unless you say you’re not at the beginning of the conversation;
2. With a story that answers ‘so what?’;
3. With a story that affects the life of a given audience- with an angle towards that audience;
4. With a story that significantly shifts the value, or perception, of a company;
5. By thinking cleverly about how a niche can be generalised and contextualised- nothing is too niche for a clever writer;
6. By phoning to follow up a story and offer more detail or context;
7. By sending great images to illustrate your story;
8. By ensuring that your facts can be corroborated by at least 2 additional sources;
9. By being available for a comment or a clarification (don’t send a release and then disappear on holiday!);
10. By being creative with rich media such as video, infographics, and vlogging- it all helps raise your profile;
11. By embracing social media to begin to have a voice and share an opinion- and include Linkedin in that;
12. By avoiding clichés such as: ‘winning the war on…’; ‘game-changing’; and being ‘excited’ about something.