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Virtual Events & Hybrid Events

CONNECT is our staple Virtual Event & Hybrid Event Solution. We’ve produced over 200 virtual and hybrid events across the world.

Our hybrid and virtual events use our customisable events platform. CONNECT can tailor your virtual event to your own personal needs.

Whether it’s a corporate event, party event, product launch, or award ceremony, our event production services can deliver your event.

Or if it’s a small scale, large scale, or global event, we can deliver your event perfectly. Get in touch with a member of our team today.

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Live Events

For many, nothing quite captures the magic of a live event. We’ve produced live (in-person) events that have blown away our clients and their audiences.

Our event management services allow us to produce events to any scale. So if your event has an audience of 100, 500, 1000, or 10,000s, we are fully equipped to deliver your event perfectly.

We’ve produced and delivered events for industry giants like Vauxhall, Suzuki, and William Hill. Events ranging from product launches, corporate conferences and awards shows. We also include live streaming as part of our event producion services. Find out we can deliver your live event.

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Sports Event Management

SPORTCAST is our staple live sports event management solution. Sportcast allows you create your sports content through our own production studio. Our sports events platform technology allows remote viewers and participants into the show.

The content that you create can be delivered across a branded 3-D studio format. With it then being customized for sponsorship.

SPORTCAST gives you full control of your content and the viewership data behind it. With the content you create being edited so it can be used for your social media channels.

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Revolutionising Sports Broadcasting

Currently, huge amounts of production equipment and vehicles are needed to tackle each live sport event. This is bad from an environmental and productive standpoint. CLOUDCAST allows you to create sports content without this baggage. Ultimately streamlining the event production process.

It works by us using our on-site camera operators to send video links to our cloud-based servers. The cloud servers then broadcast the content live as it is happening. Our remote team can view the cloud server, with automatic content being created for social media in-game.

CLOUDCAST can be used with a remote studio or venue based studio. Find out more about how CLOUDCAST can deliver your sports event.

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Our Work

Client Review

“A huge, HUGE thanks to the Giggabox team for making my recent 2-day global client Conference a massive success. I had full faith that Giggabox would deliver…and boy, did they deliver! I was stunned at how relaxed I was whilst the event was going on. The team members all knew their roles and made everything seem so effortless and easy.”

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Event Production

Giggabox is an award-winning global event production company with over 5 years of experience producing events.

We work with clients including Pirelli, Yamaha, and Mclaren as well as private clients. We produce events of all types at any scale.

Our event management includes the complete event production process. From start to finish, your event is in safe hands. Our catalogue includes production of corporate events, entertainment events, party events and more!

Our clients are amazed by our work. We’ve been called a “truly high quality producion company”, with “excellent service”, while also having a “fantastic team”. Contact Us to find out how we can create your personalised event.

About Us

Why Choose Giggabox?

Did you know that Giggabox is one of the few event production companies in the world that produces Virtual Events, Hybrid Events, AND Live Events.

Not only do we produce events of all the above types, we use what we call the Giggabox pivot. This means that we can transition your live event to a hybrid event or virtual event at any point during production.

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Vauxhall approached us looking to showcase their new range of cars in an impressive live event form. As an event agency with proven experience, we knew we could deliver an event that wow’d Vauxhall and their audience. And boy did we!

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How did we do it?

Although we are a London event management company, we have a global reach.

We’ve produced Live Events, Virtual Events, and Hybrid Events across over 200 countries.

No matter where you are in the world, our global event services can deliver your event.

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