21 top tips on Content Marketing

Here are 21 top tips for content marketing, courtesy of @Lenka Koppova, with the odd embellish from me.

  1. If you build it…no one cares;
  2. It’s about ‘them’ and not about you. Whether you work in the Automotive industry or for an event production agency, you should be focussing on the benefits and not the features of your services or product;
  3. Compare what you are doing with your competitors;
  4. Have a clear ‘why’ whilst planning your marketing. Your content marketing goal might be to boost engagement, to build your brand personality, to drive traffic to a website, to educate your audience with corporate videos, to start business relationships, to inspire, to position yourself as an authority with high quality content, to improve organic search, to increase your reach with live event streaming, to increase lead generation, or to upsell with different services and products;
  5. Understand your audience and, most importantly, their needs to add value to their lives;
  6. Consider what topic or theme you would like to use. Where can you apply it and how much time can you afford to devote to it? Also, what form of content will you use to present it? You could use printed materials, company videos, social media and/or blog posts;
  7. Consider how you will measure success and what success will look like. Think carefully about the metrics you will use, ensuring that they are measurable;
  8. Create a plan for the delivery of your content;
  9. Build content around the questions you are asked and the pain points you can solve;
  10. Try to show not tell;
  11. Share the love by endorsing and empowering others. The law of reciprocity tells us that you will be rewarded;
  12. Consider the key pillars you want to use whilst creating content. 3 key areas to use to maximise engagement are education, entertainment and inspiration;
  13. Be creative! You need to think about how you can cut through the clutter to be seen. Look at what everyone else is doing and do something different;
  14. Consider your tone of voice and try to avoid clichés such as inspirational quotes;
  15. Consider the powers of anecdotes and metaphors, as well as the art of conversation. By asking questions you can start creating lead to user generated content (UGC);
  16. Run competitions to generate UGC – a technique that is especially good for pics, company videos;
  17. Be realistic about how much you can produce;
  18. Never create content for the sake of creating content- if you’re not proud of it, don’t post it;
  19. Create once and then post across different platforms (with appropriate tailoring);
  20. Don’t paste the same piece of copy more than once;
  21. Use your analytics to inform the development of your plan. If it’s working, do more of it. If it’s not, stop it!
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