6 top tips to using LinkedIn blog

LinkedIn has changed. No longer is it a public CV, enhanced by recommendations and any articles you might have written. It’s even more than your own brand platform; it’s an invaluable ‘professional’ media networking platform (as opposed to a ‘social’ media platform).

According to Kim Verbrugge (former employee of Giggabox who is now a Marketing Consultant), LinkedIn can support your recruitment, your sales (through connecting with buyers), your marketing (through the development of your personal brand) and your own personal development (via LinkedIn Learning, as well as following business trends). It’s your personal website. The platform now has 562 million users, so there are plenty of people out there who agree with her.

Here are her top 6 tips on how to maximise its usage:

  1. Optimise your profile by having a professional Image; a Background that illustrates your specialism; a Headline that reflects your elevator pitch, and a Summary that is SEO optimised and highlights your achievements;
  2. Be open to other people’s ideas: follow thought leaders and share; choose the right hashtags to follow;
  3. Develop a trusted advisor status by creating and curating valuable content that your network is interested in consuming. It’s more about guiding and advising than it is about entertaining. Post opinions and informative corporate videos. Share any advocacy or solutions you have provided for clients.
  4. Build your network by following people you want to know more about; use the knowledge you gain from following them to facilitate a connection; connect with people you know or want to know.
  5. Do a test run with paid marketing options – they can be incredibly cost effective. Sales Advisor is free for a month.
  6. Maximise your levels of engagement by posting in the morning; curating even if you are not creating; asking questions (use it as a marketing tool); using the right hashtags; using images with your posts (they double the comment rate); using links to connect your network to any company videos on YouTube (this generates a 75% increased share rate) or to highlight any live event streaming you might do for summits and networking events. Experiment.
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