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As film makers we pride ourselves on our ability to tell our clients’ stories. We do so in a succinct and engaging way. Whether you need assistance promoting who you are and what you do; training new employees with company videos, or producing engaging social media, we have the expertise and knowledge to craft exquisite pieces of corporate filming to help you grow your business. 

Video Production is becoming one of the most vital tools for any business marketing strategy. Company videos provide the opportunity to build a significant level of trust between you and potential clients. They can show what it is that you do, how you do it, and why you’re the best choice for the job. We’d love to help you present any, or all of those messages.

Anyone can produce a Company Video. But if you want to present a professional image, you need professionals to do it.  We ensure our equipment is cutting edge. This allows us to produce beautiful pieces of corporate video filming to tell your story. And to show off your business in the best possible light. Along with our experienced team of Editors and custom-built digital workstations, this allows us to work with you to bring your company videos to life.  To ‘wow!’ your clients. 

If you have a new product launch planned. If you have a complicated proposition that you want to simplify, we have a full studio dedicated to your cause. We can film company videos (including animation) with incredible simplicity. Video production makes your website ‘sticky’- 79% of people prefer to watch a video about a product than read about it. What do you prefer to do: watch a video, or read a manual?

Live streaming (OTT) is also quickly becoming an important marketing platform. More and more companies are realising the potential that this provides when coupled with effective event production management. Whether you need us to rig a multi-camera live stream set-up on a mountain, or create a simple live stream for your CEO or staff, our experts can help you achieve your corporate goals. 

To add more excitement and engagement, we can introduce the exciting world of animation and motion graphics to your corporate videos. From animated training to logo animation, we can make complicated information easy to digest in a fun and entertaining way.

Take a look at what we do, who we do it for- and what they say about us.

Corporate Videos Watford | Filming Rugby Cup Match
Corporate Videos Watford | Interview at Norway Home of Skiing Stand
Corporate Videos Watford | Filming an interview with kawaski racer
Corporate Videos Watford | Man filming someone in Vauxhall garage

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Corporate Videos Watford | Rugby World Cup Filming

The Killik Cup

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Ski & Snowboard Festival

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