Capturing Data at Events

In the events sector, we have recently seen a particular emphasis on collecting data whilst the event is taking place. Pre- and Post- event data is reasonably easy to collect. Before an event begins you will have a very good idea of the number of people attending or exhibiting through ticket sales and who will be speaking at the event. After an event it is straightforward to thank everyone for attending and send out a short survey to gain initial feedback about what attendees liked and what could be improved for subsequent years. This can also be done manually using tablets at the end of the event when people are leaving. Two ways of gaining feedback during events that we expect to see a lot of in 2020 is mobile applications and RFID scanners.

Mobile applications 

Events of all kinds have started creating their own mobile applications to enhance the event experience for their attendees, but also to judge attendance at talks and meetings scheduled. Instead of having to individually count each people entering a talk, or write their name down, an app can show all the information required such as name, position and company. It is also a way to integrate surveys and feedback forms which are just a few clicks away.

Event mobile apps can be extremely beneficial to attendees and can give them an added insight into the people they can expect to meet before the event has even started. You can normally see companies that are expected to go, and this can help when preparing for the event. One of the major downfalls of this form of data is that an event could have 1,000 people attending, but if only 100 people download and use the app, is this a correct representation of the whole 1,000 attendees?


Another way of gaining feedback during an event is through RFID scanners. Giving an attendee a personalised card that they can use to register for talks or activities is a great way to collect data on movements at the event. As many attendees are hesitant to giving away information on apps, a card is less intrusive and can uphold a greater level of anonymity.

With all the information that has been collected; event planners are able to tailor experiences to individuals. This can have a direct affect on the marketing practices for future events. If you have seen that one group of attendees went to one style of talk, you can direct certain marketing campaigns to reflect this. Personalization is becoming a key factor for attendees of events. They are more likely to react and engage with personalised offers, something that event marketers are keen to capitalise on.

RFID is commonly used in hotels with room keys. Hotel managers are able to collect data that can tell them how many times guests go in and out of their rooms or use the amenities such as a spa. They can then use this information to send personalised offers such as a spa weekend at a discounted rate if the guest used the spa numerous times.


Whilst mobile apps and RFID scanners can provide benefits for both attendees and event managers, it is important to consider how reliable the data being provided is. Can it be representative of the broader event and therefore applied to next years event, or does it just show a particular niche interest that is not scalable? Finding the balance and correctly interpreting the data provided is paramount to future success.

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