Ayrshire Chamber of Commerce

Ayrshire Chamber of Commerce hosts events in partnership with its members throughout Ayrshire. Through a range of informal and fun events, their calendar offers networking, behind the scenes tours, teambuilding, conferences, awards nights and training.

As part of Ayrshire’s Business Week, the Chamber of Commerce offers a full range of business events to develop business’ as part of the ultimate business network. In 2020 Ayrshire decided that this week would have to be virtual in order to keep in accordance with national guidelines.

The Giggabox production team operated a single live stream for Ayrshire Chamber that included an introduction to the event and 3 workshops with guest speakers from Barclaycard, Royal Bank of Scotland and Arena HR. In between the sessions the members had the opportunity to visit a virtual exhibition and virtual networking functions.

Ayrshire Chamber wanted to create a branded experience for their members, as it was important for companies to see their logos and the logos of sponsors throughout the event. This involved creating virtual backgrounds, lower thirds that included name and company, wipes and transitions, holding slides for each session, and overlays. By having a branded experience, Ayrshire is able to provide great coverage for their members, and insure that even in a virtual environment their are capabilities for sponsorship and member benefits. Another part of the pre-production is to get all the speakers at the Ayrshire event to send us their presentation content. This can include short videos and PowerPoints that Giggabox control and play in through our virtual software. This adds to the viewer experience by providing a much cleaner final output.

As standard with all our Virtual Events, the Giggabox team provide an online briefing for the speakers at the Ayrshire event to make them certain on what to expect whilst in the studio room. This is accompanied by a pre-event checklist which is sent to the speakers to read through and implement.

With just 1 day of streamed content, the Giggabox production team prepared and tested the Ayrshire live stream the day before the event and the morning of. This is to make sure that all upload speeds are optimal and the platform is receiving the video output. With the single live stream, the Ayrshire event comprised of a streaming technician and a producer in the studio room.

It is the role of the streaming technician to bring everything together and add in all the branding to make the event stand out. All the presentations and video content were already input into the software, on the day the streaming technician needs to play this in at the correct time.

All the content was recorded and available to delegates after the event.

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