Badminton England European Qualifiers


Giggabox were fortunate enough to work with Badminton England, Live Streaming the European Mixed Team Championships 2021 – Qualification Group 1 event in December 2020. Taking place at the National Badminton Centre, Milton Keynes, this 3-day event involved 30 different matches of Badminton to determine which team(s) qualified for the European Championships.

The Live Stream needed to be:

  • Streamed to the Client’s Preferred Online Platform
  • Available on all Devices
  • High Quality Image
  • Perfect Sound Quality
Badminton England Courtside Live Streaming


3 x GoPros

Camera Support


3 x Magic Arms

Streaming Kit

Vision Mixer

MacBook w/ Accessories

2 x Decimators

2 x Mini Recorders

1 x Ethernet

Hard Drive w/ Assets


Mixing Desk

2 x Headphones

2 x Shotgun Mics

Shotgun Mic Handle

Shotgun Mic Stand


3 x SDI

3 x Long HDMI

5 x Short HDMI

3 x Micro HDMI to HDMI

4 x XLR

HDMI Joiners

SDI Barrels


2 x Power Reels

2 x 4 ways

Gaffer Tape

Electrical Tape


Covid Kit

Hand Sanitiser

Face Masks

Disinfectant Wipes

With the event taking place in early December 2020, strict protocols were put in place to minimise the risks of coronavirus. Due to this, multiple risk assessments were conducted by Badminton England and the venue’s staff, with all the relevant documentations sent to us prior to the event. These documents were read by all our staff working on the project and signed off. This ensured that our filming activities complied with government guidelines and the premises’ own COVID-19 risk assessment. Because of this, Giggabox brought their own safety equipment, including face masks, hand sanitiser, and disinfectant wipes.

The Giggabox team arrived at the venue the afternoon before day 1 of the event to set up all the essential equipment to ensure a smooth and high-quality stream.

The event’s schedule involved 2 sessions (ties) per day, starting at 10am and 2pm, respectively, with an expected finish time of around 6pm. Each tie featured 5 separate matches to determine the winner. The primary camera gave an optimal, full view of the court throughout the Live Stream, and the locked-off cameras provided additional viewing angles for instant replays and flexible perspectives of the action.

The Giggabox team de-rigged the full set up of equipment the day after and then travelled back to the office after the success of the event.

Being Live Streamed on Badminton England’s YouTube channel, all 3 days’ worth of content was subsequently made available on-demand via the platform, available to be watched by anyone after the event took place.

3-Day Live Streaming Event

30 Matches Streamed w/ Live Scoring

17,000+ views on YouTube

1 Main Live Streamed Camera Angle w/ 3 Locked-off Cameras for Replays

COVID-19 Compliant

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