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BioMed Realty, a Blackstone portfolio company, is a leading provider of real estate solutions to the life science and technology industries. As of December 31, 2020, BioMed owns and operates high quality life science real estate comprising 13.1 million square feet concentrated in leading innovation markets throughout the United States and United Kingdom, including Boston, San Francisco, San Diego, Seattle and Cambridge, U.K. In addition, BioMed maintains a premier development platform with 3.0 million square feet of Class A properties in active construction to meet the growing demand of the life science industry.

BioMed Realty Filming

Exclusive Hybrid Event

50 High Profile Global Viewers

This hour-long Hybrid Event in October 2020 featured both live and pre-recorded content, creating an engaging and seamless experience for attendees and delegates.

Following the short welcome video for all viewers, this event utilised pre-recorded voice-over audio files in conjunction with live images introducing each panellist to the virtual stage.

The first session featured a 30-minute discussion between 4 panellists with added animations to correspond with the flow of dialogue. Succeeding this was the true ‘live’ element of the Hybrid Event, with a live introduction to the next session, the Virtual Property Tour.

To conclude BioMed’s event was their very own Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, providing a spectacular finish to their successful event.

Pre-Production is an extremely important part of Virtual and Hybrid Events. For the Giggabox team, this is where we ensure that all the content that is needed for the event is created and ready beforehand. Here, the graphics team played a particularly important job creating branded content, including holding slides, transition animations, and lower thirds, for the event. It was also Giggabox’s job to ensure that each bit of video and audio content was perfectly in sync. Once we had received all files, the team uploaded this to our software in advance of the event, minimising the risk of any technical glitches.

Throughout the event, the Giggabox team operated a single live stream, comprising of our streaming technician, Henry; our producer in the studio room, David; and our project assistant, Stephanie.

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