Dotty’s Kitchin

Dotty’s Kitchin is a local business which has created an online, healthy cooking course. The course is used to get parents and children cooking together.

The aim is to provide quality parent and child bonding, whilst learning about healthy foods and how to cook them.

Giggabox were asked to produce 15 videos for Dotty’s Kitchin, 12 recipes and 3 videos that would be used for promotional reasons. We worked closely with the owner of Dotty’s Kitchin to develop a clear style and tone of the videos.

They needed to be:

  • Upbeat and engaging
  • Easy to understand and follow
  • Short enough to keep them punchy, but ensuring all information and tips are included
  • Bright
  • Fun

We spent two days filming with the mother and daughter team at their home. We were able to rig their kitchen into a studio and filmed recipes constantly for two days.

Our kit included:

  • 2 Canon cine cameras
  • 2 sets of scorpion lights
  • Canon DSLR
  • Sony DSLR
  • LED Panel lights
  • 2 lapel microphones
  • 2 shotgun microphones
  • Zoom audio recorder

Working through the recipes one by one allowed us to tick off important tips for the process and ensured we had all the content we needed. Using a multicamera set up meant we could create an engaging and interesting viewing experience. Giving a mixture of detail shots and generals to make instructions clear. The two presenters from Dotty’s Kitchin were fantastic to work with and we learnt some interesting cooking techniques!

The meticulous planning on the event by the team was key to ensure that it was carried out without a hitch. Here are the outcomes we came away with:

  • Positive impact “wow factor” for delegates on arrival
  • A stunning production with drama and relevance
  • Technical implementation was safe, dramatic and spectacular
  • Delegate interest and engagement enhanced through clever “reveals”
  • Highest delegate feedback scores for the event experience
  • Delivered 14% under budget
  • Happy Client

Once the edits had been signed off, we delivered them digitally to Dotty’s Kitchin. Their site is now live, and the course is in action. People now purchase a membership to gain access to the beginner’s course. Once that is completed they can advance to the intermediate and advance cooking courses, which will be coming soon.

If you are interested in getting your children interested in food and want to spend more quality time doing an interesting and fun activity, then check out Dotty’s Kitchin online.

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