FIM Motorcycle Trials World Championship

On the 8 weekends between May and September that make up the FIM World Motorcycle Trial GP Championships, the world’s elite motorcycle trials riders assemble to compete over 30 “sections” of terrain. They each must navigate a predetermined route that means they must negotiate mind-bogglingly steep mountainsides, huge rocks on cliff edges, knee deep running streams and breath-taking natural obstacles: And all without putting a foot down. TrialGP is a mixture of supreme motorcycle mastery and technique, tenacity and guts.

Filming in these conditions is incredibly challenging but our teams’ detailed planning and execution, ensures that we capture moments that others could not. These moments are what turn the show from a highlights reel to an action-packed show which you can’t peel your eyes away from.

  • Produce multi-camera LIVE coverage of qualifying to the client’s Facebook page
  • Make the feed available to other partners as required (i.e. Red Bull Media)
  • Filming to be creative, dynamic and engaging for the viewer
  • Appeal to a new audience without offending the knowledgeable, even die-hard fan
  • Produce a series of 8 x 26-minute International Broadcast Television Programmes
  • Deliver to International TV specifications within 72 hours of the end of the event
  • Provide all equipment and personnel to achieve the above
  • Our team put itself through an intense education programme to fully understand the nuances of the sport
  • We canvassed fans of the sport and those who didn’t know the sport to establish what each wanted to see
  • We looked at the challenges of the terrain and came up with new ways of filming in an extremely mobile and efficient way to ensure movement around the sections to gather the maximum amount of footage to tell the story of each event
  • We invested in the latest lightweight 4K cameras and post production equipment
  • We devised a way of linking cameras and putting the content through bespoke equipment and software packages to ensure seamless live coverage for the Live Streams
  • We streamlined the workflow in post-production to ensure the deadline was met
  • The production of live stream footage that took the viewer into the sport like had never been achieved before
  • Rave reviews from stalwarts of the sport who welcomed the innovative creative approach
  • A new audience accessed the sport for the first time
  • The series of 8 TV programmes was delivered to 52 territories around the world
  • An audience of millions of viewers delivered viewed TrialGP programming across multiple platforms
  • The event attracted new and additional sponsors and marketing partners wanting to access the highly valuable platform delivered
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