Graphene Flagship

The Graphene Flagship is a Future and Emerging Technology Flagship by the European Commission. With a budget of €1 billion, the Graphene Flagship represents a new form of joint, coordinated research on an unprecedented scale, forming Europe’s biggest ever research initiative. The Graphene Flagship is tasked with bringing together academic and industrial researchers to take graphene from the realm of academic laboratories into European society in the space of 10 years, thus generating economic growth, new jobs, and new opportunities

Giggabox produced 2 separate virtual events for Graphene Flagship. The first was a short 1-hour press event that included talks with industry experts and a Q+A. The second was a full 3-day virtual event, with a complete agenda of talks, networking, and all things Graphene. Having made the decision to move their event online, Giggabox was introduced to provide a robust and branded solution.

Over 1,000 attendees from all over the world

Over 40 Speakers

3 Days of Content

12 Sessions

Industry Experts and Nobel Prize winners

Pre-Production is an extremely important part of Virtual Events. For the Giggabox team, this is where we ensure that all the content that is needed for the event is created and ready beforehand. In pre-production, the graphics team have a particularly important job of creating branded content for the event. This comes in the form of virtual backgrounds, lower thirds that include name and company, wipes, holding slides and overlays. As you could imagine, creating 40 individual lower thirds for 40 different speakers is a time-consuming task, and one that needs to be checked thoroughly. It is also Giggabox’s job to ensure we have everyone’s presentation and video content that they would like to be played whilst they are speaking. When we have all this information, the team then upload this to our software in advance of the event, minimising the risk of any technical glitches.

Over the 3-day period, the Giggabox team operated a single live stream, comprising of a streaming technician, producer in the studio room and an assistant producing running our virtual greenroom to prepare all the speakers.

It is the role of the streaming technician to bring everything together and add in all the branding to make the event stand out. All the presentations and video content have already been assorted into the software, meaning it is the job of the streaming technician to play this in at the correct time.

All the content was recorded and available to delegates after the event.

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