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Inverness Chamber of Commerce is the largest and most ambitious independent business organisation based in the Highlands & Islands. With a growing membership from across the region and beyond, it exists to connect, support, and represent members and the region’s business community. Inverness Chamber of Commerce’s busy programme of events attracts wide and varied audiences from their business membership and the wider business community. A typical networking lunch event with Inverness Chamber of Commerce will be attended by around 60 people on average. Inverness Chamber events offer sponsorship opportunities for companies, providing unique and cost-effective solutions to a captive business audience.

Highland Spotlight Virtual Business to Business Exhibition

The Virtual Event ran for 4.5 hours, involving 3 main presentations and discussion sessions. These sessions involved delegates from Eden Court, Fibre 1 Limited, and HIE. Between each session, 15– to 20-minute slots were schedule for networking opportunities for attendees.

Before the event came to a close, attendees and delegates were provided with a more substantial 50-minute slot to incorporate more exhibition and networking time into the schedule.

5+ Speakers

Exclusive Virtual Exhibitor Event

30+ Exhibitors

The Giggabox production team was tasked with producing several graphics, including holding slides and lower thirds to create a more tailored aesthetic for the event. In addition to this, digital on-screen graphics were created for the final session involving Fibre 1 Limited.

As standard with all our Virtual Events, the Giggabox team provided an online briefing for the speakers at the Inverness event to make them certain on what to expect whilst in the studio room. This is accompanied by a pre-event checklist which is sent to the speakers to read through and implement.

It was also Giggabox’s job to ensure we had everyone’s presentation and video content that they would like to be played whilst they are speaking. Once we had all of this information, the team then uploaded this to our software in advance of the event, minimising the risk of any technical glitches.

Over the course of the day, the Giggabox team operated a single live stream, comprising of a streaming technician, producer in the studio room and an assistant producing running our Virtual Green Room to prepare all the speakers.

Our streaming technician brought everything together and added in all the branding to make the event stand out. All the presentations and video content were already embedded into the software; therefore, it was the job of the streaming technician to play this in at the correct time.

All the content was recorded and available to delegates after the event via Inverness’ own YouTube channel.

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Virtual & Hybrid Events 

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Live Streaming

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