Kawasaki Dealers Conference


Kawasaki are one of the most recognised Motorcycle brands in the world. They have been successfully producing motorcycles for consumer use for over 50 years. The company also have a series of high performing racing teams that compete over a variety of different motorcycle disciplines. On Friday the 10th of January, Kawasaki hosted its annual Dealers Conference at the Forest of Arden Marriot Hotel.

The Kawasaki Dealers Conference was another great opportunity for Giggabox to showcase our vast quantity of high-quality Audio-Visual equipment we can offer our clients. Having previously provided Kawasaki with both Video Production and Live Streaming services, this was the perfect event to show the scale of our Event Production and our professionalism. The setting up of the stage, speakers and lighting were all rigged the previous day to allow for checks and quick run throughs to ensure a seamless conference. Throughout the day we had 2 event technicians to provide AV support. Giggabox CEO, Paul Musselle, was also involved in the dealers conference by interviewing John McGuinness about his recent move to the Kawasaki team in 2020.


  • 4 x Powered Speakers
  • 1 Mixing Desk
  • 1 Lectern Mic
  • 1 Wireless HH mic kit
  • 3 Wireless Headset kit


  • 1 Lighting Desk
  • 6 1m Linear LED
  • 12 Wireless LED Uplight
  • 1 Wi-Fly Transmitter
  • 2 Profile fixture
  • 2 Wash fixture
  • 2 1.5m Scaff pole


  • 1 Seamless Video Switcher
  • 1 Short throw lens
  • 1 10-15k Projector
  • 2 Show Laptop
  • 2 50″ monitor
  • 2 Monitor stand
  • 1 4-way HDMI DA
  • 1 Master Q Remote System
  • 1 40″ Comfort Monitor


  • 1 Truss Lectern
  • 1 Production Hide
  • 1 7.8m Backdrop c/w Screen
  • 6 6ft by 4ft Stage Piece c/w Legs and bolts
  • 1 Comfort Monitor Hide

The day before the event, Giggabox went into the Forest of Arden Marriot Hotel to rig the backdrop, assemble the stage, and set up all the AV equipment. This allowed for checks to be completed to eliminate any potential mistakes. On the day of the Kawasaki Dealers Conference, Giggabox had two dedicated Events technicians operating and monitoring the sound, lighting, power point and video content between each of the various speakers, adjusting the surrounding sound and lighting levels. After the event, the breakdown of the event production was loaded out quickly that same night.

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