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Kawasaki are one of the most well-known motorcycle brands in the world and have been attending the Motorcycle Live event for several years now. As well as having a segment on the Motorcycle Live programme on Eurosport, Kawasaki have a very impressive stand that Giggabox were incredibly pleased to be a part of.

Giggabox’s initial involvement with Kawasaki was to provide a live feed to their large screen on the stand. This job would be carried out over the two weekends at the Motorcycle Live show, requiring just a two-man crew on the day. After a very positive reception on the first weekend, Kawasaki asked if on the second weekend we would be able to provide some Live Streaming in conjunction to the live feed on their stand. The client was very keen to capture some of the exciting aspects they had to offer, such as professional riders and talks from their team. As we pride ourselves on our versatility and efficiency, this was an easy task for the Giggabox team to help with. This Live Streaming content would be available to those who were not able to make it to the show, but still wanted to follow the action on the go.

The Live Stream needed to be:

  • Streamed to the clients preferred platform
  • Available on all devices
  • Offer multiple camera angles
  • High Quality
  • Appealing to bike enthusiasts and casual viewers alike
  • Capture the brands ethos

The first weekend saw the Giggabox team providing a live feed to the large screen on the Kawasaki stand. This required 2 operatives to be present on the stand, resulting in a faultless stream of content to the large screen. a visual mixer and operative was required to operate between the different cameras to make sure the stream was engaging and captured the different angels. On the second weekend, we were easily able to add-in the live streaming capabilities to put the content live on the clients Facebook page.

Our crew included:

  • 1 Camera Operative with 3 Cameras
  • 1 Vision Mix Technician
  • 1 Presenter – Paul Musselle

Giggabox is always happy to accommodate our client’s needs and having provided Live Streaming services to numerous clients previously, we knew that we could deliver exactly what Kawasaki required despite the short notice. We are extremely fortunate to have a multitalented team who can provide a variety of services, which is great news for our clients as we require less team members to complete a job.

All the video content that was captured and live streamed throughout the weekend at Motorcycle Live is still viewable on the Kawasaki Facebook page. Our client was very pleased with the amount of exposure gained from live streaming the event, with over 10,000 views over the 2 days. The Giggabox team were also able to feed the live stream onto the Kawasaki Stand screen, providing both types of content at once.

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