Major Events Summit 2020

Major Events International (MEI) provides international business services and market penetration for companies who want to take advantage of Olympic and World Cup opportunities and win more business in major events. Throughout the year the company hosts several events, centred around an overarching theme, bringing together numerous business leaders to talk about the various sectors.

The Major Events Summit 2020, like many events in 2020, was planned to take place live at the Ricoh Arena. Due to unforeseen circumstances and the banning of large events, the MEI team decided to take MES 2020 virtual. The MEI team needed a robust delivery partner to produce the live and on-demand content to their delegates, whilst also branding the event.

The virtual event was delivered over 3 days, with a complete itinerary including thought panel discussions, presentations and break out sessions. For the Giggabox team, much of the work came with pre-production and preparing for the live streaming days.

The first step was to produce branded content for the event that was consistent and professional. Lower thirds were created for the speakers to include their name and organisation, backgrounds were developed to be used on every session, title sequences and transitions were also used to produce a tv-broadcast approach.

The building of the platform for each day was also an especially important job for the virtual event technicians. Every PowerPoint, on-demand video content, adverts and promotions had to be sequentially positioned into the software to be played live around the two live streams.

Elements of the event required pre-recorded video content, such as the opening sequence. The Giggabox team set this up and edited the segments with graphics to be played each day of the event.

The event also required an introductory video to be played at the start of each day of the event. The video had to be short and impactful and the perfect opening sequence to set the tone of the event.

On the day of the event, the virtual event production team had the job of bringing all the pre-recorded content and live content together. With two live streams being operated simultaneously, the production team were split into session 1 and session 2. Each session had an assistant producer, a producer, a host, and a technician.

Speakers were prepped 20 minutes before their scheduled session to ensure they were briefed and ready to go live.

All the content was recorded and available to delegates 14 days after the event.

Major Events International

‘The Giggabox team provided exceptional Virtual Event delivery expertise, which was invaluable in taking our 3-day Global Sports Summit and turning it into a dual digital channel experience.’

Andy Rice, COO

This Summit is a “first” in succeeding in bringing the global events industry together in one place at one time.

Whether you are a sport event organiser, a festival or a supplier, the challenges we face are similar – mobilisation of people, goods and services to support events; management of crowded places, better visitor experience, new sources of revenue; equality for all; environmental imperatives  and therefore, at the heart of this Summit, is our ambition to enhance collaboration and integration.


As seems to be a leitmotif across the panels, Collaboration across multiple events and functional areas is key: seeking insights into best practice, driving economies of scale, risk reduction opportunities by accessing lessons from others. Spanning event mobilisation mode, or reflections post the event to assess if objectives and full legacy value has been achieved.

And this can only happen if we accept greater Integration at every level and in every way –  core to this is the opportunity for different models of commercial engagement between expert suppliers and those seeking to run outstanding events where innovation is vital. The “old world” will not return – as everyone keeps telling us,  ‘there is a new normal’ –  and barriers to early and workshop style engagement will need to change if risk is to be reduce and impact maximised.

This summit seeks to enable this via a highly innovative platform provide by our partners Events Air, Giggabox, Syrox and Global Event Productions- inevitably there have been a few technical glitches and we apologise for those, but in general most people really seem to be appreciating the opportunity it learn, share and network. Our partners have done an amazing job –this summit has been delivered in 14 weeks and will provide an enduring contribution to all future Summits. We welcome your feedback about refinements, as this platform has been provided for you – for your benefit – to support the delivery of your objectives and we hope you will enjoy this new Virtual Events experience which has allowed us to provide you with a rich range and depth of content, networking and interactive opportunities.

Our events industry will always be challenging but nothing has been as testing as the past few months. But we now start to see the signs of positive developments and mobilisation of our industry with a packed calendar for 2021 and 2022 and beyond which presents new and exciting opportunities.

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