ON Helix 2020

One Nucleus is an award-winning not-for-profit Life Sciences & Healthcare membership organisation centred on the Greater London-Cambridge-East of England corridor. Headquartered in Cambridge, at the heart of Europe’s largest Life Sciences & Healthcare cluster, One Nucleus support those institutions, companies and individuals undertaking activity in or with the above region.

ON Helix 2020 was a very smoothly executed virtual event that took place over 2 days. The event had a strong panel of speakers throughout the day, with a mixture of pre-recorded and live sessions. The ON Helix event required meticulous planning and preparations to ensure delivery was robust and presented to the highest quality. The event was hosted on NetworkingApp, a platform that the Giggabox team were familiar with and could successfully deliver the technical brief to. The ON Helix event comprised of a single live stream for the 2 days.

The team began by producing branded content for the event that was topical and professional. Lower thirds were created for the speakers to include their name and organisation, animated backgrounds were developed to be used on every session showing a moving DNA helix and title sequences and transitions were also used to produce a tv-broadcast approach.

Pre-recorded video content was adopted for a selection of the talks, allowing the team to edit these before hand to ensure the best quality when they were embedded into the stream.

The building of the platform for each day was also an especially important job for the virtual event technicians. As there was a mix of live and on-demand content, it was crucial to carefully order all the content accordingly for the single stream. When live content followed on-demand content, transitions and adverts were played to create smooth handovers.

Over the two-day event, the Giggabox production team had a robust system to ensure successful delivery of the live stream.

Speakers were prepped in a virtual green room before their allotted time to present. Here, final checks were made before speakers went live and it gave speakers a chance to ask questions and familiarise themselves with the event structure. The speakers were then sent to the live room to become part of the live stream.

Once in the live room, speakers were gradually introduced by the host to present, allowing for clear transitions between speakers. With the single stream, the production team comprised of an assistant producer, a producer, a host, and a technician.

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