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One Nucleus is an award-winning not-for-profit Life Sciences & Healthcare membership organisation. Headquartered in Cambridge it is at the heart of Europe’s largest Life Sciences & Healthcare cluster. One Nucleus support institutions, companies and individuals in the Life Sciences & Healthcare sector.

It has been great working alongside One Nucleus and producing several different types of media that meet their varying needs. Giggabox have designed animations to broadcast statistics relevant to the Cambridge area and life sciences industry. Interviews with One Nucleus members. And our most recent project was to produce an amazing showcase video to capture their Genesis event held at the QEII centre in Westminster.

The showcase video needed to:

  • Include the Genesis branding
  • Highlight the great sponsorship opportunities
  • Capture networking and interaction of attendees
  • Show the talks and thought panel discussions
  • Promote the event for the following year

The production process for the Genesis Event started with designing and creating a graphic for One Nucleus to use for advertising purposes. On the day of the event, our filmmaker set about capturing a variety of footage that successfully highlighted all the different aspects of the event. This included attendee arriving, talks that went on throughout the day, networking between attendees and interaction at the stands. Another focus of the video was to capture the sponsorship opportunities that One Nucleus offer their members.

Our equipment included:

  • 1 Camera
  • 1 Tripod
  • 1 Slider

Here at Giggabox it is extremely useful having talented team members who are experts in both Video and Editing. Because of this, we only needed to send 1 member of our team to do both the filming and editing at the Genesis event, allowing other team members to complete jobs elsewhere. Our filmmaker pre-planned the shots that would be required for the shoot, ensuring on the day everything went to plan.

With various features that needed to be included, the editing process started with planning how each of the different areas of footage would be combined to create a coherent, engaging film. Once we had a structure in place for the film, it was now time to select the most appropriate video content available to capture each area of focus.

By selecting lots of short clips from throughout the event, it ensures the video is constantly giving the viewer new bits of information and paints a picture as to what the event was really like to attend. Choosing appropriate music is also important in the creative post-production process, as the backing track needs to be appropriate for the film being created. Once the video was complete it was sent to the client.

Once we had gone through the amendment process with our clients, we exported full resolution versions of the film and delivered it to One Nucleus before the deadline. Since delivery we have had positive feedback from the One Nucleus team on how successful the Genesis event was but also how happy they are with the film. The film can now be used to promote the Genesis 2020 event.

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