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RAREfest 2020 was an award-winning festival that is unique in championing patients. The event featured the brightest minds in rare disease research, the innovators of life-changing technology, the pioneers in rare disease medicine and the patients whose powerful voices must be heard.

Cambridge Rare Disease Network is a platform for change. It is the infrastructure that unites patients, advocates, experts and leaders to address the challenges faced by people affected by rare diseases. By sharing knowledge and experience, the journey towards better diagnosis, treatment and support for patients and their families is smoother and more certain.

This full-day Virtual Event involved 2 streams running simultaneously. One of the streams (Track 1) was aimed at educating and involving health professionals and adults, whereas Track 2 had a more child-friendly purpose to educate and entertain young participants.

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RAREfest Virtual Event
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Over 1,000 Attendees

35+ Speakers

1 Day

2 Simultaneous Streams

The in-house graphics team at Giggabox created holding slides for both streams, lower thirds and zoom backgrounds for all speakers, and wipe transitions for the entire Virtual Event. In addition to these graphics, Giggabox implemented a live scribbler for the end of the children’s stream session, as shown. This package allowed the event to have a branded, and most of all, colourful look, creating a highly engaging aesthetic for participants.

Involving a lot of pre-recorded content, Giggabox organised and booked in the various sessions throughout the month prior to the event’s broadcast. These sessions included keynote speeches and discussion sessions, such as a fireside chat on Gene Therapy with 2 panelists and a moderator. Additionally, Giggabox’s Event Co-Ordinator conducted online briefings with all the relevant participants two weeks prior to the event, ensuring that they all understood the day’s operations and checked they knew how to use the online platform.

Having 2 simultaneous live streams onto the client’s desired platform with over 1,000 viewers, Giggabox provided 2 streaming technicians, 2 staff in the studio room, and a further assistant for conducting the Green Rooms before speakers went on-air. As well as getting to know the platform and the event’s schedule, the Green Room is always the best opportunity for participants to have their video and audio checked, as well as internet connection to ensure a smooth content stream on the day.

Both streams were made available 2 days after the event had finished, and included closed captions for their YouTube channel that was made post-production.

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