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RBC Group are experts in remanufacturing, logistics and installation. Like many businesses, RBC are always striving to improve their business. They cover a multitude of sectors, from IT equipment to vending and catering.

Giggabox were asked to produce 2 films, one promotional and one for an upcoming exhibition. The promotional film was to promote the work RBC does, while highlighting their process and why they are the remanufacturing company of choice. Their extensive, one of a kind process is quick, efficient and environmentally friendly, providing a one-stop-shop for their clients.

Giggabox produced an engaging, dynamic film which explained the process in detail and highlighted key points with animated graphics. We also shot drone footage to show the scale of their facility and operation.

We filmed over two days, collating creative and cinematic B-roll, which we used to support content gained during an insightful interview with an employee.

Filming with companies like RBC Group require health and safety assessment and even though we have extensive experience in engineering and manufacturing industries, we needed to make sure we filmed in a safe and professional manner in a way that allowed the day to day work to continue.

We spent 2.5 days filming at two RBC locations, Milton Keynes and Old Dalby. Using a two-person camera crew we were able to communicate their huge process in a short amount of time.

Our kit included:

  • x2 Sony FS5 Camera
  • Sony A7sii
  • Blind Spot Scorpion Lights
  • Slider
  • Gimbal
  • Tripods
  • 1 Lapel Microphone
  • 1 Shotgun Microphone
  • DJI Mavic Air (drone)

Due to extensive pre-production, we were able to strategically plan how we would execute the shoot. The RBC team lent on our creative input and experience which meant much more was achieved and that the crew could be time efficient without sacrificing quality. The creative team used the pre-production time efficiently to establish exactly how the film would be shot; the look and style we were going to acheive; how the film would piece together and exactly what we needed to capture.

With two films to deliver, both with different needs, a careful post production plan was needed. As per our usual process, we edited the interview first. This helped us establish a story, which is of course, the most important element to any film. Once we had a structure and a story we began to “paint” the interview. The “painting” process is when we apply supporting footage (B-roll) to the film, taking it from a talking head to a cinematic and engaging experience. Without B-roll, there really is no context, no story.

To give the film the look we wanted, we needed to shoot in a flat picture profile called Log. In the camera, this footage looks grey, washed out and very uninspiring. The reason we did this is so we have more to work with in post-production with the ability to bring the colour back. We are able to manipulate colour unlike when using a regular picture profile.

While the client was watching the first draft, we began to edit the second film. As this version was for an exhibition, we needed it to be eye-catching, engaging but easy to follow. We were able to take the story we had created with the first film and re-edit it so that is was easy to follow without the interview. This saved our client money by doubling up the production on the day, as well as keeping marketing material consistent.

Once we had gone through the amendment process with our clients, we exported full resolution versions of each film and delivered them to RBC before the deadline. Since delivery we have had positive feedback from the RBC team on how successful the exhibition was but also how happy they are with the film.

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