N.H.S Mini International Sheepdog Trials

The N.H.S Mini-International Sheepdog Trials was an extremely interesting experience for the entire Giggabox team. Applying the same principles of sports live streaming, the team managed to pull off a comprehensive multi-camera live stream in the middle of a field.

In order to deliver engaging content for the viewers, the Giggabox team learnt the rules of Sheepdog Trials in order to closely follow the action and capture important parts. Live Streaming in a remote part of Northern England came with it’s own set of challenges that the team dealt with extremely well. It does not matter how prepared you are for a job, you can never plan for a rogue sheep to come hurdling at your equipment and get tangled in your power cables.

With over 8,000 views across the weekend and a flurry of positive comments, the coverage of the Mini-International Sheepdog Trials was a great success.

The Giggabox team travelled to the venue on the Friday morning to ensure all the equipment was correctly assembled and prepared for the following days live streaming. This required getting a van in a field and up a hill, which was no easy task and required the help of the farmers 4×4. Once up the hill, the team set up scaffolding points to allow camera operators the optimal angle to track the action. After this all the cabling was set in place and ready for camera and streaming equipment to be plugged in and ready the next day.


On the Saturday the team began streaming the sheepdog trials. It was important to prep the commentators and run final checks to make sure that they could hear all the action, and we could hear them. The streaming shots included the course, the handlers, and interviews.


FS5 x2

A7S ii

GoPros x2

Camera Support

Tripod x2

Rain Covers

Magic Arms x3

Wireless SDI

Sony Batteries

Streaming Kit

Vision Mixer

MacBook w/ Accessories

Decimator x3

Mini Recorders

Ethernet x3

EE Box

Hard Drive with Assets

Wireless Headsets


Mixing Desk

Headphones x2

Reporter Mic x2

Shotgun Mic x2

Shotgun mic Handle

Shotgun Mic Stand

Headphone Splitter – Need to buy £4.90 each (Get 2 for safety)



Long HDMI x5

Short HDMI x10

Micro HDMI to HDMI

Long XLR x10

Short XLR x10

Double XLR x4

HDMI Joiners

SDI Barrels


Power Reels x4

4 ways x8


Umbrella for A7S

Gaffer Tape

Electrical Tape


Bin Bags (Might need to buy)

Zip Ties


Covid Kit

Hand Sanitiser

Face Masks

Disinfectant Wipes

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livestream green logo

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