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The Ski & Snowboard Festival is an annual event run by The Telegraph that showcases a variety of the top Ski and Snowboard companies in a trade show format. The event is held over 4 days and includes features such as a Ski jump, a Ferris wheel, Curling, skate ramp and plenty of food and drink.

Giggabox’s involvement with the Ski and Snowboard Festival was to create a 44-minute Tv programme that would be aired on Eurosport on the Sunday of the event. The Giggabox team were able to film and edit the show with 24 hours, allowing it to be sent to Eurosport well in advance of the deadline. The 44-minute programme was filled with numerous different Ski and Snowboard brands, destinations and highlights of the event. Giggabox worked closely with several different companies to ensure that their brands message was conveyed and presented on time.

They needed to be:

  • Upbeat and engaging
  • Easy to understand and follow
  • Very specific as there was a strict time limit
  • Carefully presented to be in accordance with advertising laws
  • Fun and informative

We spent one full day filming at the Ski and Snowboard Festival with two full camera crews and two editors working non-stop through the day. Luckily enough the team had a room which gave them the ability to edit throughout the day, enhancing productivity and efficiency.

Our crew included:

  • 1 Executive Producers
  • 2 Producers
  • 2 Presenters: Graham Bell and James Haydon
  • 2 Camera Operatives
  • 2 Sound recordists
  • 3 Assistant Producers
  • 2 Editors
  • 1 Social media operator

The nature and layout of the Ski and Snowboard Festival resorted to a strict running order that had to be adhered to meticulously for all the filming to be completed in one working day. As filming commenced on the first day of the event, some stands were not completely set up ready for their segment and this meant a few changes to the running order were made. This did not affect the team however as they managed to get footage from stands that were already set up, allowed the team to stick to time constraints.

The meticulous planning on the event by the team was key to ensure that it was carried out without a hitch. Here are the outcomes we came away with:

  • Positive impact “wow factor” for delegates on arrival
  • A stunning production with drama and relevance
  • Technical implementation was safe, dramatic and spectacular
  • Delegate interest and engagement enhanced through clever “reveals”
  • Highest delegate feedback scores for the event experience
  • Delivered 14% under budget
  • Happy Client

The post-production of the Ski and Snowboard Festival is testament to the hardworking and efficiency of the Giggabox Team. Our in-house editors were able to complete all the edits for the show in less than one day, meaning that the show was developed ahead of schedule. The post-production included adding lower-thirds for all the features, integrating B-roll when focusing in on products and activities and adding the backing music. With such a variety of footage from clothing brands to a brewery, the Giggabox team wanted to ensure that each segment of the programme was engaging and encompassed the variety that the Ski and Snowboard Festival had to offer.

Once the edits had been signed off, we uploaded the final copy of the Ski and Snowboard Festival programme to Eurosport which went live on the 27th of October 2019 at 10am. The Giggabox team received a lot of praise from the companies involved saying that they really enjoyed the programme and look forward to seeing it again next year. Giggabox also sent each of the individual brands their own segment of the show, allowing them to post their clip to their social media pages, further increasing their exposure.

OneSkee Ltd

Pleasure to work with at the Telegraph Ski & Snowboard Show!

Josh Clifford, Director

Ski and Snowboard Festival

Great job from Giggabox Limited, they did all the production for the Eurosport programme at the Ski and Snowboard Festival this year and it was great, super easy to work with and did a great job! Couldn’t recommend them more!

Stephen Morgan, Event Director Ski and Snowboard Festival

Bro! Clothing Limited

Super friendly crew to work with, thanks guys!

Nick Coates, Owner

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