The Killik Cup


The Killik Cup is a Rugby Union trophy that is awarded to the winners of a match between the Barbarians and their opposing national team. The Barbarian team is an invitation only team, with players selected from a variety of different teams. On the 16th November the Barbarians played Fiji as part of the Killick Cup.

Giggabox were asked by Killik & Co to provide a selection of video content to be used during the Killik Cup for their social media campaigns. The first filming required was an interview with the Barbarian’s manager Eddie Jones that would be filmed on the Friday and available to use the same day. The video included b-roll of the Barbarians training to be incorporated into the interview. On the Saturday, Giggabox were required to get footage of the Barbarians and Fiji teams arriving to the stadium, footage of the game, members of the crowd interacting and general Killik Cup features.

Footage to be taken:

  • Interview with Eddie Jones
  • Training Session
  • Players arriving
  • Half-time experiences
  • Game footage
  • Killik & Co branding

Filming at The Killik Cup took place over the Friday and Saturday of the event. As the filming and editing were both done by our talented senior filmmaker, it was paramount that all footage was consistent to the client’s brief and was delivered on time. The Friday started with an early trip to London to get footage of the Barbarians during a training session and an interview with Eddie Jones. The Saturday required the Giggabox team to be set up early to video the team arriving and then multiple action shots throughout the day.

Our crew included:

  • 1 Camera Operative and Editor
  • 1 Social Media Operator

Here at Giggabox it is extremely useful having talented team members who are experts in both Video and Editing. Because of this, we only needed to send 1 member of staff to do both the filming and editing at the Killik Cup, allowing other team members to complete jobs elsewhere. Our Senior Filmmaker pre-planned the shots that would be required for the shoot, ensuring on the day everything went to plan.

As previously mentioned, the post-production for the Killik & Co had to be competed quickly and to a high quality. This ensures their marketing team were able to release the footage around the event. On the first day, all the editing was completed within the Killik & Co building, with the Head of Brand present to follow the process and confirm brand regulations with the video text. On the second day, a dedicated room in Twickenham was provided so that our senior filmmaker could seamlessly capture footage and edit on the day.

All the footage taken during the course of the Killik Cup was delivered on the day to Killik & Co, a demonstration of the efficiency and quick turnaround of the Giggabox team. Killik & Co were able to use the video content on the day to further promote their amazing contribution towards the event and received incredible engagement from their followers. This is the first year that Giggabox has worked with Killik & Co, a partnership we hope to continue in the future.

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