Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Badminton Draw Ceremony


The Badminton World Federation (BWF) asked Giggabox to Live Stream the Badminton Competition Draw Ceremony for the postponed Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. The ceremony was Live Streamed to five different online platforms: YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Zhibo TV, Weibo, & the Olympic Channel; and, involved the draws for all five of the tournaments being hosted at the Olympic Games this year: the Mixed Doubles, Women’s Doubles, Men’s Doubles, Women’s Singles, and Men’s Singles competitions.

There were many esteemed guests from the world of Badminton invited to help conduct this ceremony: including BWF Council Member and Former World Champion, Nora Perry MBE; 2000 Olympics Bronze Medallist, Simon Archer MBE; and current Team GB Tokyo Paralympians, Jack Shephard and Dan Bethell.

The Live Stream needed to:

  • Be streamed to the client’s preferred platforms of choice
  • Be available to be watched live from any internet-connected device
  • Offer multiple camera angles
  • Stream video and audio of high quality
Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Badminton Draw Ceremony
Tokyo 2020 Badminton Draw - Men's DoublesTokyo 2020 Badminton Draw - Men's Singles

Giggabox produced the graphics package for this Live Streamed Event. This included all of the announcers’ named lower thirds, each accompanied by the BWF logo and rotating shuttlecock animation beside. This also involved the holding slide before the ceremony commenced, again, featuring BWF’s official logo, and the event title.

More than 215,000 Views on BWF’s YouTube Channel (18,000+ Live Viewers)

More than 71,000 Views on BWF’s Facebook Page (5,000+ Live Viewers)

Global Audience

Milton Keynes Venue

Platforms Streamed to: YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Zhibo TV, Weibo, & The Olympic Channel

Official Draw Ceremony for the five Olympic Badminton Competitions – Mixed Doubles, Women’s Doubles, Men’s Doubles, Women’s Singles, & Men’s Singles

The Giggabox Live Events Team travelled to the venue in Milton Keynes on the day of the ceremony, setting up all of the audio and camera equipment in the morning. Our very own in-house A/V specialist helped to make sure all audio and visuals were prepared, and that all delegates understood the proceedings of the event, ready to go live at the scheduled start time.

Being streamed to five different platforms meant that the BWF could more comprehensively reach its global audience, with more than 23,000 live viewers watching the Official Draw Event live anywhere they were, whether from the comfort of their own home or on the move via their mobile device, and around 300,000 views on-demand.

Giggabox’s Streaming Technician was responsible for inputting the graphics throughout the ceremony, including all the players’ names, into the right location on-screen as soon as they were announced, seamlessly filling out each of the tournaments’ draws.


  • 2 x Sony FS5s

Camera Support

  • 2 x Tripods

Streaming Kit

  • Vision Mixer
  • MacBook w/ Accessories
  • Decimator
  • Mini Recorder
  • Long Ethernet
  • Network Switch
  • EE Box
  • Hard Drive w/ Assets
  • Wireless Headsets


  • Mixing Desk
  • 2 x Lapel Mic
  • 2 x Handheld Mics


  • 2 x Washes
  • 2 x Spot


  • 3 x SDI Reels
  • 2 x Long HDMI
  • 4 x Short HDMI
  • XLR
  • 2 x Double XLR


  • 2 x Power Reels
  • 4 x 4 ways
  • Gaffer Tape
  • Electrical Tape
  • Toolbox
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