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Vauxhall approached Giggabox to produce a short documentary as marketing material for the release of their New Vivaro Van. They were asked to brainstorm ideas that would resonate with the target audience. Vauxhall wanted to produce something that involved their people and what the brand means to their town.

Within this document, Vauxhall also wanted to create something that would look back on in 20, 50, 100 years’ time and would put a smile on the face of everyone involved.

First, we acquired our presenter, Jonny Smith from TV show 5th Gear.

The extensive pre-production process was working with the PR and marketing department to work on the Vauxhall story. Together they walked through the new process, provided by the substantial investment from PSA. Giggabox spoke to employees in roles from Apprentices to Managers and found out what Vauxhall meant to them.

Giggabox then scripted the documentary and produced a creative document including a storyboard and filming schedule.

A Vauxhall employee talking to someone pointing at a car
A Vauxhall employee talking to someone pointing at a car
A Vauxhall Employee talking to someone with a car in the background
An old Vauxhall car

Due to budgets and availability, filming needed to take place in one day. With a small crew of two the day was managed meticulously to ensure everything was captured. Minimal kit was needed to allow us to easily move between locations.

Our kit included:

  • X2 Sony FS5 Camera
  • Canon 7D Mark ii for timelapse
  • GoPro Hero 7
  • Slider
  • Tripod
  • Shoulder mounts
  • X2 lapel microphones

The first time this documentary would be shown was at the CV Show Exhibition at the NEC. The deadline was a very tight turn around for such a large project. To make the deadline Giggabox used two editing suites and working over the weekend. Working with Vauxhall they were able to create something that was engaging, inspiring and something that Vauxhall and Luton can be proud of.

This one film will now provide a multitude of social media content and boost the launch of one of the nations favourite vans.

The film is being used all over the company, so it needed to be distributed to various people. This included Vauxhall’s social media partner company who Giggabox now have a good relationship with.

With the new Vivaro on its way, look out for Giggabox content all over!

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