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With the launch of the New Vivaro Van coming soon, it is crucial that dealership employees know all about the new product. Giggabox were asked to produce a series of training videos. These videos focus on all the key features of the New Vivaro, why they are important and what benefits they bring to the customer. When watched in full, the series is an in-depth, five point walk around of the van. This style benefits the dealerships with more knowledge to make a sale.

It was important to both Vauxhall and Giggabox that the product videos were of high quality and slick looking. High production values encourage people to stay engaged and more passionate about selling the vehicle.

Vauxhall worker talking about a van
Vauxhall Worker talking about a van
Vauxhall Worker talking about a van
Vauxhall Van Dashboard

Due to vehicle availability Giggabox had a small amount of time to produce these films, however with careful planning, and a well organised shoot schedule they were able to make the most of their filming day and capture a wide variety of footage.

All the videos were filmed in the Vauxhall showroom, Luton where they used a presenter to speak to camera and engage with the audiences around the country.

Our kit included:

  • X2 Sony FS5 Camera
  • Autocue system
  • Tripod
  • Slider
  • X2 panel lights
  • Blind spot scorpion lights
  • Lapel microphone
  • RODE shotgun microphone

An autocue was used to ensure that all the benefits were covered, whilst being more time efficient. Giggabox filmed each feature video and then spent the rest of their time capturing stunning supporting footage (B-roll). This was then used to support the great looking vehicles. By using B-roll allows it allows you to accentuate points and key features of the product.

The post-production process was smooth throughout. 7 Training films were all delivered before the deadline and only positive feedback was received from the clients at Vauxhall.

“I used to think that [our previous video company] made great walk round videos……. But yours are not great…. They’re stratospheric!” – Paul Copper – Sales Training Operations Manager

Giggabox are very happy with how the films turned out, even more so with their client’s response.

Once the hi resolution films were delivered to Vauxhall, Giggabox also circulated them around the company and sent them to Vauxhall’s social media partner.

Giggabox are very proud to have helped Vauxhall inspire their sales teams and know that this new product will be a huge success for them.

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