The YMCA Milton Keynes is the only social housing and homeless charity dedicated to young people in Milton Keynes. Based in the heart of the town centre, the YMCA offers support and well-being to help those who need it most. The YMCA has recently been building and furnishing a brand-new campus with 199 rooms, a cafe, a nursery and various meeting spaces.

With the opening of the new building imminent, the YMCA wanted to show a campus reveal, highlighting one of the new residents journeys and seeing their potential room for the first time. The video follows Danielle, who gives insights into how the new building will help change the image of the YMCA and provide additional support to many other young people. The Giggabox team worked closely alongside Jack, YMCA Marketing Manager, to complete the film exactly how the team imagined it would.

The showcase video needed to:

  • Capture the life-changing work of the YMCA
  • Change previous opinions of the YMCA
  • Showcase the amazing new facilities available

The production process for the YMCA video was incredibly smooth thanks to the input from both sides. A storyboard was created by Jack at the YMCA who enabled our filmmakers know exactly what to shoot. On the day, the two filmmakers set about capturing a variety of footage that successfully highlighted what the clients was looking for. This included interviews with both the resident and the YMCA Milton Keynes CEO. Footage was also taken of the resident seeing the new building and room, and a variety of B-roll was included as well.

Our equipment included:

  • 2 Cameras
  • 1 Tripod
  • Microphones
  • Teleprompter

Here at Giggabox it is extremely useful having talented team members who are experts in both Video and Editing. This allowed for a very quick turn around on the film. All the filming commenced on the first day, and the second day was used solely for editing and bringing the final film to life.

Once we had gone through the amendment process with our clients, we exported full resolution versions of the film and delivered it to YMCA before the deadline. Since delivery we have had positive feedback from the YMCA team on how successful the video perfectly captures the look and feel that they are trying to promote.

Cygnus C/o YMCA Milton Keynes 

These guys helped us film at the YMCA Milton Keynes for a campus reveal to a resident! Absolutely amazing team, super friendly and dedicated to provide you with the best quality work and beyond! Couldn’t be more happier with their efforts! Thankyou

Jack Donaldson, Marketing Manager

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