Revolutionising Sports Broadcasting

The streamlined solution to Live Sports Production

Take full control of your Sports Content 


CLOUDCAST is the revolutionary new Giggabox solution to Sports Event Broadcasting

Cloud Based Events – sports production that is fully controlled through a cloud based server.

Cloud Based Events

Camera feed is connected direct to the Cloud; standard IP connections (c.20mb upload) is sufficient

Camera operators arrive on-site, but key personnel remain remote; reduction of on-site personnel by 60%

Graphics and replays added as normal – system software means up to 50% fewer personnel required

Live talkback between Director and Camera-Ops at venue

Return feed delivered for in-venue screens – Minimal latency (3ms) solution meaning no delay on pictures or sound

Venue or remote studio for broadcast presentation available

Social media clipping incorporated automatically

Delivered to any broadcast or content platform through IP connectivity

Cloudcast Process

Our Approach

Cloudcast is the next stage of the Giggabox movement and showcases events creation in a way that streamlines the entire process. But what does this mean?

Currently, live events in sport require huge amounts of onsite production. Large amounts of workers and technology are needed to tackle each event.

With the world acclimatising to a post covid landscape, the need for change is crucial.

This is where Cloudcast comes in. Cloudcast allows events to be delivered through what is known as the ‘cloud’. Giggabox remotely monitors the cloud and sends the information to the event holder.

It is essential for sports rights holders start taking control of the commercial narrative around content and broadcasting. Obtaining data from users has never been more important in driving increased revenues and opportunities.

Cloudcast is the perfect solution for multiple situations. Whether you’re looking to stream to your own platform, provide a feed to mainstream broadcast or simply deliver content through social media, Cloudcast excels in all these areas.

Not only does Cloudcast work on a production level, it works on a sustainable one too. This is because the need for onsite workforce and technology is significantly reduced. As a result, the CO2 levels generated from constant vehicle usage is cut by at least 50%.

Due to the decreases in onsite production levels, costs of your events will decrease exponentially. This will allow you to produce more matches, optimise the events you currently produce, and reallocate saved funds to other areas of your business.



Control of your content production ensures improved commercial conversations

Audience understanding drives greater insight and improves commercial value

Personalised viewing experience improves audience engagement and growth

Market Trends

Acceleration of Direct to Consumer content distribution

Adoption of remote and cloud-based production technology

Environmental & sustainability considerations increasingly important

Viewers increased demand for personalised experience

CLOUDCAST Sustainability Guarantee

When it comes to delivering events, sustainability is at full focus for Giggabox.

Reduction of on-site personnel by 60%

50% reduction in personnel working remotely

No OB truck means reduced power requirement

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