Conference & Meeting Trends in 2020

In the world of conferences and meetings, there is a healthy selection of choice when it comes to deciding which one to attend. With an already popular market, it is important for new conferences to appear desirable and draw the right attention. For longstanding events it is also essential to adapt to common trends and continue to be engaging and enjoyable for all attendees. Conferences and meetings should be creating value for the attendees and be able to facilitate broader discussions that they can take away. 4 ways to make sure that your conference or meeting lives up to its expectations is to tailor the experience, incorporate engaging technology, use breakout sessions and create a theme for each talk.

Tailoring the experience

2020 will be all about tailoring the experience of a conference or meeting to the individual. By making your conference or meeting feel like it applies directly to someone increased the likelihood of their advocacy towards the event. This in turn leads to higher results of feedback over social media, further spreading awareness of the event. One way that conferences and meetings can be specific to individuals is offering a variety of different packages that categorise common themes of the event together. This is beneficial to the individual as they have the choice to see exactly what they are wanting to, and therefore only pay for what they want to receive. It is common for events to have an initial ‘free entry’ ticket, which can then be upgraded depending on how involved in the event the attendees would like to be.

Engaging technology

One way to make an event more engaging is to use technology. this could be through polls that attendees can fill out whilst the speaker is on stage, resulting in real time feedback. Another way is to Live Stream the event. The possibilities of using Live Streaming are endless. Your event can suddenly go from 100 people in a single room, to thousands of people all over the world. It is not always achievable for people to attend an event, and Live Streaming can give them access to talks where they can leave comments and questions, becoming involved in the event. Event specific apps are another practice that is being adopted. These apps allow for attendees to easily keep track of the talks and activities that are available during the day. Furthermore, they give attendees the option to arrange meetings with other attendees and see who is present at the event.

Breakout sessions

Breakout sessions are specific and usually revolve around a very singular topic that goes into greater detail than the overall conference or meeting. These types of sessions are the perfect opportunity to creating a conversation between the speaking and those interested in the often-niche topic. They are normally small groups to encourage the constant flow of communication.


Ensuring your conference or meeting follows a systematic theme is important to convey the message of consistency to your audience. Having an event that covers numerous sub-sections of one overarching theme keeps the information relevant and interesting. Some conferences and meetings try and fit in as much as they can into an event, which can result in losing the quality of information.

We hope that 2020 will be a year that reinvents the way business professionals engage with conferences and meetings, making them a continuously enjoyable and worthwhile experience.

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