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Award-winning Virtual and Hybrid event production company.

Winner of the Best Innovation Award at Major Events International.


CONNECT is our staple Virtual Event & Hybrid Event Solution

Virtual Events – online events that involve people interacting in a virtual environment online.

Hybrid Events – events that combine a live, in person event with a fully, or partially virtual audience.

Virtual Events

All participants and audience in remote locations connected via interactive digital event platform

Unlimited audience numbers

All types of sessions available

Delivery of all event content by our experienced team

Hybrid Events

Participants and audience connected in person or remotely

Event streamed to unlimited audience numbers

Live event set with full audio visual and multi-camera production

Stage management and technical delivery

Delivery of all event content by our experienced team

Our Work

What Sets Us Apart

As the industry leader in the field of event management, we incorporate every large scale event type in our skillset. This includes virtual events, hybrid events, live events, cloud-based events, and sport broadcasting. No other event production company has this level of capability.

With the above in mind, we therefore take huge pride in our ability to carry out amazing virtual events AND hybrid events.

In fact, we’ve even been recognised by Major Events International (MEI) as the leading innovator in our field of events production.

Our virtual events use our customisable virtual events platform. CONNECT can tailor your virtual event to your own personal needs.

We have experience producing virtual social events of all types. Whether that’s virtual corporate events, virtual charity events, or virtual party events. We are one of the few virtual event companies which have this level of capability.

This applies to our hybrid events as well. Hybrid events combine the traditional event setting with an online broadcast element. Our hybrid events are designed to put equal importance on the live and virtual experience of those attending.

As with all of our events, we use a digital overlay. This allows the event to be live streamed online as it is taking place in person. The stream can then be viewed by those who missed it live.

Whether you’re looking to carry out a small scale, large scale, or global event, we can deliver your event perfectly. Get in touch with a member of our team today.


Sustainability Commitment

When it comes to hybrid and virtual event production, sustainability is at full focus for Giggabox.

Smarter tech solutions needed for events that support global audience and higher engagement levels

More sustainable solutions are becoming increasingly vital, with events needing to support the drive to carbon-neutral

Business and execs are time-poor and with reduced budgets; solutions that solves these problems are influencing decisions

The Giggabox Pivot

The Giggabox Pivot is our ability to pivot your event from virtual to hybrid to live, and back again at short notice. See it as your insurance policy against a change in regulations or and unforeseeable event.

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