Don’t Cancel Your Event, Live Stream It!


The Coronavirus has taken the media by storm, and this is having a direct impact on the events industry. Events of all sizes that are accustomed to International travel are looking for solutions and alternatives to reducing the risk of the coronavirus spreading to attendees. I received an email earlier this week from an event organiser outlining their efforts to ensure attendees take precautions at the event. The event is going to have public health messaging displayed, increased training of all staff and that there will be an increase in hand sanitizer throughout the venue. Needless to say, the hand sanitizer industry is having a worldwide boom!

Cancelled or Postponed

Updates from recently cancelled or postponed events:

In the tech industry, Google have cancelled their biggest event of the year, the I/O 2020 over fears of the coronavirus. The event was set to take place in May, showing the precautions the tech giant is taking.

London Book Fair, one of the largest book-publishing trade fairs in the world, was cancelled last week over the escalating number of cases being reported. We anticipate that this will be the case for many trade fairs and expo’s going forward due to many people all under one roof.

Sporting events are also being massively affected. The Italian Football League, Serie A have already had to play numerous games behind closed doors, such as Inter Milan vs Ludogorets. With the Guinness Six Nations in full swing, the match this weekend between Ireland and Italy has had to also be postponed due to concerns over the virus.

Within the last couple of days, it has been announced that the new James Bond feature film, ‘No Time to Die’ has also been postponed and will be released later this year. This is over fears of the way the global theatrical marketplace is currently performing, as a result of less people gathering for big events.


One immediate solution that could and should be adopted to tackle the current issues in the event market is Live Streaming. Being able to Live Stream your event allows the content to be delivered to those interested in viewing it, from any location. Many companies now operate on a global scale, and with the current issues around travelling, Live Streaming suddenly reduces the need to travel, as high-quality video is available at the watcher’s fingertips. This is better for the environment, not to mention the savings on travel and accommodation costs.

Cancelling an event is certainly not the answer, as this effectively wastes a lot of people’s time and money. Investing in Live Streaming at an event gives the option to keep the event running, and still deliver content to those who are not able to make it. When your audience are unable to make it to your event, take your event to your audience.

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