One of the most vital things to plan during the video production process is where you will use your video and how you will make the most out of your investment. This blog introduces some tactics to ensure you smash your distribution and increase your ROI.

So, let’s jump forward. You have spent the last few weeks crafting perfect corporate videos (as you are extremely discerning, with high standards, most likely, you will have been working with our video production management team on this!). You have now signed off the project and cannot wait to start sharing.


Obviously, putting these corporate videos on a website is essential, but the best results are achieved when other online activities are used to drive traffic to the site.

Activate your video with:

  • Email marketing – tell your database you have a new video and invite them to view it. Also ask them to share with anyone they think might be interested in the content. Keep the email short.
  • Social media vignettes – now, you don’t want to give everything away on your social media but this will be the most common way for people to find you. You want to be able to drive them from your social platforms to engage with the full video experience. Use your video production team to make and release short, teaser edits and still images from the video to build traction. If the right content is shown, people will make their way to your website to find out more. Make it easy with a call to action link, or a direct link in the caption of your video.

Video search engine optimisation

As a filmmaker, I can’t tell you the best way to manage your SEO. But, I can tell you that it’s vital. Find an agency with a good track record (or the one that appears top of a specific search) who can help you with this. Using specific techniques, your company videos can even be recycled on several webpages in a way that targets different segments of your audience, without damaging your wider search engine listings.

Maximise sales lead

Use call to action links – these are embedded into your video becoming a direct link to the product or service you are promoting.

This is a huge topic – but, for starters, here are our headline recommendations:

  • Only have one video on any given webpage.
  • Don’t use YouTube to embed your video into your website – it can be counter-productive.
  • Do put your company videos on YouTube but treat it as an entirely separate channel to your website.
  • Tag your corporate videos with keywords that are echoed on the webpage it is embedded in.
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