How to produce the best Live Stream

Live streaming can be achieved by anyone. Social networking sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram allow individuals to post live videos straight from their phone to their platform. The problem with this however, is that these streams are lower in quality and tend to have connectivity issues. Now imagine you are live streaming an important sporting event, or about to announce the winner at a national award show. If the stream suddenly cuts out, those watching will be less than impressed and complaints would soon follow, which would have a negative impact on the event. This is the reason why more and more companies are hiring live streaming specialists to ensure their event has the highest quality stream and reflects their companies image. When live streaming, there are 3 areas that need to be carefully considered to ensure an effective stream.


With live streaming, it is extremely important to check everything is set up correctly beforehand, so that you are ready when it comes to pressing the play button. If you are streaming a thought panel discussion for example, the team should set up several hours in advance. This is to make sure that the cameras are all placed in the necessary space to get the desired angles and capture everyone involved, the mixing table is ready, lighting has been set up and all cables are connected. If you are live streaming to viewers abroad, test streams should be conducted to confirm they are receiving the stream clearly in each of the countries you intend to stream to. Checking all this in advance relieves any added pressure before the event.


To create a truly engaging live stream, multiple cameras are a must. Giggabox are proud to state that we were on of the first multi-camera live streaming companies to broadcast on Facebook. A stand-alone camera to give viewers the full picture forms the basis of any live stream, but having a second or third camera to create close ups is what makes the video special. Take a football game for example, if that was watched from a single angle the whole match then viewers would quickly get bored due to lack of diversity and not closely following the action. This doesn’t just apply to sporting events, corporate live streaming is just the same. A live stream that can focus in and out from the overall picture to the subject in hand allows the streamer to easily direct the viewers’ attention accordingly.


It is always vital to stream to a platform that is easily accessible to the people who are going to be watching it. Live streaming a corporate event to Instagram for example is not the most appropriate platform. A private platform giving access only to the audience through a link is more fitting. One of our clients at Giggabox, who we have been providing live streaming services to found that an update to the platform they were previously using meant that they could no longer receive the service they wanted. As a result, our team manged to find an alternative solution that allowed our clients viewers to access the stream. We were also able to record the stream and send it to all employees unable to tune in.

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