It’s Like Having Your Own Time Saving Travel Machine!

You might be able to remember cowering behind the sofa as a youngster while watching Doctor Who – we’ll leave the argument about who was the best Doctor for another time. You might also wish you could time travel, even if only to avoid the airport queues or horrendous traffic delays!

On average, a UK driver wasted 31 hours in rush hour traffic alone last year. If you have 20 staff in your team, that’s 620 hours (the equivalent of almost 80 days) of lost productive time in rush hour traffic alone. If you have over 100 staff, then you would have lost over a year’s productivity – in a year!

Earlier this year one of our clients in the financial sector asked me to see if we could help find a solution to lost and unproductive travel time. We starting by looked at when and where they were having meetings with their field team. It wasn’t practical to lose all the meetings because some just had to be face to face, but there were some meetings that involved over 150 people travelling up to 2 hours each way in normal traffic conditions to one of the company’s regional offices for a quarterly “communication” meeting.

Our live event streaming team looked at the content of the previous three meetings and with the client, concluded it wasn’t necessary to continue to have them all drive to a meeting – we would take the meeting to them!

Now, once a quarter, we set up a two-camera live stream supported by company videos and PowerPoint presentations to the company’s secure online portal. We gather the three or four presenters at one location, mostly the Head Office where those people are based anyway. Employees and occasionally relevant external suppliers simply log in to watch the secure stream and save themselves the physical and mental stress of sitting in traffic whilst also getting the chance to hear from key people in the organisation and share crucial information.

We’ve now done two live streams with this client and are rolling a similar programme out for a client in the technology sector from next month. They estimate we’ve saved them around 600 hours of travel time, around £13,500 in mileage costs and a further £2,500 in accommodation costs. And that saving is less than the costs of providing the Live Stream infrastructure.

Yes, the programme has actually made them a profit. They really do have their own time-travelling, money saving machine- just like Tom Baker. Of course, we all know he was the best Doctor!

Happy travelling – or if you prefer not to, we can help.

Paul Musselle.

September 2018

Paul Musselle is Managing Director of Giggabox Limited, a company specialising in delivering Live Streaming, Event and Corporate Film solutions. Paul has over 35 years of Broadcast and Event production. He also spent 17 years as a senior Sales and Marketing Executive in blue-chip businesses.

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