Live Streaming and Brexit

With Bexit now in the very near future, there is the question about the potential impact it could have on the ease of travel to and from Europe. This could very easily affect those who travel on business trips to attend conferences and talks. One potential way to eliminate the issues surrounding travel is Live Streaming, an efficient method of sharing content in real time to people all over the world. For years now, video chat has been used for quick communication between individuals or small groups of people in one country to another. Skype has been a common favourite, bringing down the barriers to direct contact with a prospective client. But what happens when you want to broadcast a talk or meeting on a much larger scale, that is high quality and has minimal latency issues? Professional Live Streaming is the answer!

Bringing People Together

Live Streaming is the number one option to ensure that everyone who needs to see your video, can have access to it. With the variety of work patterns and locations, it becomes increasingly difficult to organise several people in one location at any given time. With Live Streaming, your colleagues and employees can access the live stream from any location, and on any device. If a company has a ‘Town Hall’ or similar company wide update, Live Streaming is the most efficient and engaging way to get the message across to all sectors of the company.

The Whole Picture

It is considered that 90% of human communication is nonverbal. Live Streaming allows the viewer to not only hear what the speaker has to say, they can also interpret the speaker’s body language, prompts they may be using, and get a more enhanced experience overall. Live streaming can also incorporate slide shows and other visual content to further add to the overall viewing experience.

Greater Engagement

If a corporate event or talk is being live streamed, it gives the audience the ability to ask questions and share feedback about the talk in real time. This all leads to a greater conversation being formed between the speaker and the audience, wherever they may be. Being able to watch a live stream also creates a personalised experience, which is far more engaging than reading the notes from the talk.


Many people believe that Live Streaming an event is a highly expensive, complicated process. Here at Giggabox we are live streaming specialists and are here to tell you that Live Streaming your event can be a hassle-free solution. Whether it is a single or multi-camera feed, live streaming is focused on capturing the here and now, and therefore eliminates additional time spent on pre-production and post-production. A company or event can have a great video, that captures everything they want to broadcast, filmed and available that very day.

If you have an event or talk that you think could benefit from Live Streaming coverage, send us a message and we will give you all the information you need to take your project to the next level.

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