Rotoscoping – On the Flip Side

What is rotoscoping?

Rotoscoping is the process of manually altering film footage one frame at a time. It can be an incredibly long and frustrating process due to the intricacy of carefully tracing over each frame individually. However, it is incredible to see how the original footage has changed over time. One of the most common places you will find examples of rotoscoping is within animated movies, such as those created by Disney. These movies use rotoscoping to create a much more realistic movement pattern for their characters. Animated movies are not the only application of rotoscoping, and recently the Giggabox team worked with a client to carefully change some of their video footage.

The brief

Giggabox traditionally specialise in creating video content for clients that are high quality, with highly efficient turn around periods. We were approached by a creative communications agency who had already produced video content for an automotive company. The video showcased a new model that was being launched in Europe. After filming, the company decided that they now required the video to be suitable for the UK marketplace. This is where the problem developed, as the badge on the car was for the European market and naturally all the shots showed left-hand drive. This would clearly send the wrong message in the UK. To create a brand-new video for the UK market would take time and would further increase cost for the company. The decision was made to use rotoscoping instead.

How did Giggabox help?

The agency who had produced the video were recommended to contact the team at Giggabox due to our reputation of being very helpful and quick at turning jobs around. We have a team of in-house editors and specialists in motion graphics who can use their expertise to produce their own work or help on another project. From first finding out about the project, to sending back the final changes, the whole process went extremely smoothly and on a tight schedule.

The video was first sent over to the Giggabox graphic team who assessed the project and fed back the required working days to deliver the desired outcome. The project took 4 days in total, with which the graphic designer changed all the external badges, internal badges, control buttons and flipped the interior and the driver from left hand drive to right hand drive. The video was then uploaded and sent back to the agency for review and signed off.

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