GiggaStreams allows for Virtual and Hybrid Events that can provide production quality content straight to your target audience.

What is included in GiggaStreams?

A series of visual content with broadcast production values applied (recommend 30 minutes)

Final on demand edit for each episode (circa 20 minute duration)

All participants communicate in real time

Vision, sound and graphics mixing for up to 3 interviewees plus a host

Branded graphics package

  • Opener and closer
  • Lower third captions to show name, title and company of participants

Ability to play in content live

  • Video content
  • Infographics
  • PowerPoint slides

Ability to engage with the audience with Q&A via social media

Ability to conduct polls and surveys in real time

  • Operated and produced completely remote
  • All participants can contribute from their own location
  • From anywhere around the world so long as they have an internet connection
  • We deliver the complete technology and platform to make it happen
  • Even our technicians and production team do not need to leave their homes
  • Fulfils viewer needs and demands
  • Delivers engaging, dynamic content
  • Uses broadcast techniques and standards
  • Enables regular, meaningful engagement with your audience

Pre-production support

  • Content development
  • Production of running orders
  • Support sourcing guests / contributors

Technical support pre-broadcast to check:

  • Shot setup – does it look like TV
  • Backgrounds
  • Stability of connectivity
  • Preparation and sign off of graphics
  • Audio check
  • Talkback / communication with participants pre-show

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