In Conversation with Sir Clive Woodward

In Conversation with Sir Clive Woodward

The Cloud Counsel brings together expert voices from the cloud and IT industries to answer questions and provide extensive knowledge. Recently The Cloud Counsel was joined by the England Rugby Union coach who lifted the World Cup in 2003, Sir Clive Woodward. Sir Clive spoke extensively on leadership and how to be a successful leader in a business environment.

Here are some of the key takeaways from the conversation with Sir Clive Woodward:

How to be a business leader in a crisis: Be yourself, if you have self-doubts in your team you need to share them with the team. No more than ever it is important to speak to your team every day and ask your team for advice.

How to ensure your business never loses: Learning is everything, I apply a 3d method of learning to everything, which is: Discover, Distil and Do.

How to ensure your team delivers under pressure: T-CUP – Thinking Correctly Under Pressure, If you have never thought about what you would do in a situation you haven’t been in, you are unlikely to perform when pressure hits. Using different scenarios can help teach pressure.

How to instil a winning culture in times of disruption: One successful method is using Teamship. You allow your team to discuss or create a solution to a problem without the yourself (the leader) being present. The team then present their idea to you and if you like it you can implement it, or you have the power to say what you would do instead.

The steps to building a winning team: Create results through people. Great teams are made of great individuals. You must try and make every individual in the team the absolute best they can be.

Why you need to be prepared to fail in business: You learn more about yourself after a loss. It is important for everyone in a team to learn from a loss.

It was a real pleasure to listen to Sir Clive Woodward share his knowledge on leadership, using some great examples from both a sporting and business standpoint.

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