As 2019 gets into gear you might be wondering what the latest innovations and technical developments are within the Events industry? And more importantly perhaps, where you can use them to enhance your Events.

The most common question we get from our Event clients is “what can we do that is new and different?”. Well, two areas we’re likely to see a significant rise in use, and where you can get real impact, are the use of Augmented or Virtual Reality (VR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

As Virtual Reality becomes more mobile optimised, it is now much more accessible to smaller events too. And as we’ll see below, the rise of AI isn’t as scary as some might think.

In terms of corporate event trends, one intriguing area is the potential for meetings and conferences to become so-called ‘phygital’ These are a cross between physical and digital conferences where attendees use VR to engage with speakers at a group location. This means that popular speakers who are unable to travel because of time or cost can use virtual meeting technologies to present speeches remotely, streamed via VR to attendees, almost as good as the real thing and certainly demonstrating innovation on the part of the Event Organiser or host.

There are limitless possibilities to use this technology for events, with even concerts and major sports events now available to stream in VR. With costs coming down and cheaper technology becoming available, for example in the form of efficient Live Steaming or even 360 videos, we can expect VR to be a significant trend in 2019.

In terms of AI, the increased use of bots in the event technology industry may have you wanting to hide behind the sofa! Don’t panic- these are not like the evil, devious robots seen in your favourite TV series or Hollywood’s latest releases!

Artificial intelligence and bots are much more likely to enter the Event industry to help provide assistance in other ways, such as the use of virtual check-in and the ability to help answer simple questions. This may sound like one of the more bizarre new technology ideas for events, but AI will increasingly offer fascinating possibilities.

As the technologies develop, more advanced bots could be harnessed to contribute to, or eventually even lead informative sessions, providing for instance, product information or even recommendations to customers based upon simple information provided. This technology can also be used to access pre-event data held on attendees, creating a personal experience or fun interactions to help engage guests.

As ever with emerging and developing technologies look to embrace rather than avoid. Your delegates and attendees will thank you for it and AR and AI will be commonplace within the next few years and we’ll be already on to the next innovation.

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Paul Musselle is CEO of Events Production Services business Giggabox Limited. The UK business produces Events of all sizes including Conferences, Seminars, Product Launches and Awards Events. The business has in-house film, motion graphics and AR production and post-production facilities, allow clients to access a full-service Event Solution from a sole provider, saving time and costs.

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