Things I’ve Learnt This Week

I had a pretty busy week last week, with networking events every evening. I enjoy meeting new people and learning new things about marketing, meditation and general machinations. I’ve enjoyed inspirational presentations from Briony Gordon, columnist and out-spoken mental health spokeswoman; Martin Frost, CEO of fledgling Cambridge Unicorn, CMR Surgical; and a relative cornucopia of talented speakers at the Cambridge MeetUp thanks to Joe Glover’s organisation.

Here are some of the lessons that I learnt in those sessions that I thought were worth passing on:

From Anne Marie Miller: Don’t Under-Estimate The Doodle.

Super shareable with a focus on showing, not telling – which we all know is far more engaging- for guidance reference scriberia or sketchbook army. If you want to present a simple concept to your audience, how about animating your visual notes to create a cartoon?

If You Want To Be Outstanding, You Have To Stand Out.

Dare to be different. Be bold enough to be brave.  If you’re going to cut through the clutter, you need to have a cutting edge. Look at the disrupters and see what you can learn from what they are doing. If you’re going to direct corporate videos or are in event production management – research what your competitors are doing and be braver.

Courtesy of Jenny Norman: How To Win At Your Corporate Christmas Greeting

Relax, and don’t segment your customer list. Don’t think Christmas – think ‘friendly Marcoms piece’; think about how you want your customers to perceive you after they have received your product or service.

AVOID: Anything with an easily identifiable price, as well as branded products and alcohol.

CONSIDER: Making your Christmas greeting as personal and creative as possible. You should try to raise a smile and have fun with it; try to think about a level of interaction; something to go in the ‘how to survive the Christmas silly season’ toolkit.

How about making an entertaining video which makes light of your reputation? Or a CSR concept? Better still, get the staff involved and create a company video from a staff experience, with a Christmas greeting sign off.

Courtesy of Mark Dalgarno: Embrace The Anti-Problem

If you are wrestling to find solutions to a problem, or need an injection of creativity, take your problem and flip it. For example, change your thinking from ‘how do we get them to like us?’ to ‘how do we get them to hate us?’.

You’ll come up with loads of ideas from a different perspective…then you need to reverse those to give you solutions to your actual problem.

Courtesy of Gary Gumbleton: Video Strategy

Think of your brand as a network with different channels. Then create company videos for each channel, specifically: thought leadership, behind the scenes and community involvement. Create a content plan for each channel, asking yourself what content are you planning to create on a weekly basis? For your social media, go DIY. For something you want to present the professionalism of your company; your USP’s; in your face to face sales pitch and the film for your reception area, get a professional in to discuss your video production needs.

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