As a team of creatives, we are lucky to have the opportunity to work with no boundaries with the freedom of creativity. Although, creating 2001: A Space Odyssey for our corporate clients is probably not going to achieve any of their corporate objectives.

Our video production team often create concept ideas for our clients. However, we are normally given an objective first. Creating corporate videos for corporate video’s sake is not worth anyone’s time, energy or marketing budget. However, corporate filming with a purpose is a game changer.

When considering your next corporate film, think about objectives: What do you want the film to do? Who are you targeting and what do you want them to feel? You know your business unlike anyone else, so consider these things and let us take it from there.

The next thing to consider is the style – this is what will engage your audience and keep them watching. From colourful and snappy social media clips, to straight to the point company videos, styling goes a long way. Standing out from the crowd is vital, and if you don’t think your business is “cool enough” or “different enough” to stand out, you are wrong. We can help you find a style that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Finally, and most importantly – content. Content is key in any piece of creative media. Your corporate videos can be as kooky, as innovative or as google-friendly as you like, but unless you have something to say, explain or show off, your engagement will drop.

We want to work with your business, not for your business. You know your story and we know how to tell it.

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