Why Bother with a Production Company for Virtual or Hybrid Events?

2020 has certainly seen a dramatic shift from traditional live events since social distancing rules were put in place. Now virtual and hybrid events, that are predominantly delivered in the comfort of your own home, have become the norm. For those planning a virtual event, it has been a quick learning curve, ensuring that everything required to smoothly run an online event, has been checked off. But many event planners are still unsure of the benefits of using a production company to deliver the content they require to keep their audience entertained and engaged.

The first step after deciding the content and the date is to look for a host platform. There is an abundance of virtual event platforms that all provide the same service in a slightly different way. Picking the right one is key to the success of your event. It is important to look for one that closely meets the main requirements. There is no point of choosing a host platform that does not have networking capabilities if networking is one of the features you have promised your target audience the opportunity to participate in.

Once an event planner has found the perfect platform, this is where some decide to stop. Unfortunately for event planners, the event platform only provides a platform. They are essentially a template which requires the event planner to somehow fill the blanks. This is where a production company provides its value to the client, the production company help to fill in the blanks for the event planner.

Without a production company, it is up to the event planner to find a way to provide content to the platform, whether that is through live streaming or pre-recording of content. They will also have to sort out personalised graphics to brand the event, prepare all the speakers and incorporate PowerPoints.

With a production company, they assume all the responsibility of ensuring your event runs smoothly and you get the robust technical solution you require. A few of the benefits of using a production company include:

  • Ensuring the content is delivered on time and to the highest quality, which reduces pressure for the event planner to manage how and when the content is shown
  • Providing a bespoke graphics package to provide a completely branded event. Set up virtual greenrooms to prepare speakers and allow any questions to be answered
  • Showing how you can incorporate ads into the production, which can be given to sponsors of the event to help generate revenues
  • All the video content can be available on-demand after the event
  • And most importantly, the production company can provide a multichannel live streaming solution that gives viewers options on what part of the event they want to interact with live

If you require a production company for your event or would like any information regarding virtual events and the options available to you, contact Giggabox today.

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Post written by David Robertson – Marketing Executive at Giggabox

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